I’ve been playing around with intercom.io recently as a way to track activity in apps and have been very impressed with it’s capabilities.  I imagine most people using it are running apps they’ve written so probably do a bit more customized integration, but we’ve been running it in WordPress apps, and it is an incredible tracking tool.  Here is how I do tracking of page visits in WordPress with Intercom.io.

Recently we wanted to track page views logged in member, and I thought I’d share how we did it to make this easy for folks in the future.

First off, I installed Code Insert Manager which is a great little tool that lets you add php and javascript code wherever you want on a page and on any page or set of pages (or all pages) on the site. Also – I should mention if it isn’t obvious, that I’m using the Intercom for WordPress plugin to do the Intercom.io integration in the first place.

Then, I went and activated a new code block sitewide, and put this in there:

<script src=”https://gist.github.com/justinhandley/49c2f77d9e5dc214c03c.js”></script>

That pulls the page slug and records it as an event – nice and simple.  Thanks to Adrian in the comments below – we added the window.onLoad function into this to make sure this triggers at the right time.