Justin Handley . Developer

Having been in the business of web development for 20 years, I have not only honed my business and marketing skills but have also built up a wide range of programming skills.  I’ve been working in HTML and CSS since 1999.  PHP, MySQL & Javascript (mostly in the guise of WordPress) since 2004.  And advanced Javascript and React / GraphQL since 2015.

While I do not accept freelance work, and any requests for major projects have to come through ManagedWP.Rocks or Pirate & Fox, here are some of the projects I’ve worked on personally that I am proud of.  

La Canada Flintridge
I developed an API integration in Node.js that does an FTP call to a server of an outdated resort management system, pulls an XML file of all clients, checks it against a secondary database to find only the records that have changed (to save on API calls) and then pushes the changes to clients into Infusionsoft as well as applying and removing the right tags based on what changed. As part of this process, I updated and re-released the Infusionsoft Javascript API project – a Node.js wrapper for the Infusionsoft API, so that it used the new OAuth method of authentication included some more recent changes to the API.

Biz To Biz Network
I helped the Biz to Biz network (https://biztobiznetworkinc.com) go paperless by creating an integrated suite of website, web app, and mobile app. The site was done in WordPress with sections of it being delivered by a React web application (the locations map & listing). I maintained an identical look between the WordPress site and the app, giving the client the ability to easily edit their marketing pages but have their data-driven pages come straight from the custom CMS.

I also developed a React Native mobile app to allow members to easily exchange referrals and track sales from their phones in the live meetings (previously done on paper and then processed into a legacy PHP system by hand.

Other Projects
I have also developed two other custom CMS systems in React, one for a real estate company and one for a virtual events company.  Both acted as front-end interfaces to Infusionsoft, giving the end user much easier access and additional abilities that would not be possible to achieve with Infusionsoft, but keeping the powerful marketing automation logic that Infusionsoft provides in place.

I’ve been working with Infusionsoft since 2004, and have been a certified partner for the last 5 years. I’ve developed a couple of open source WordPress plugins (Email Open Tracking for Infusionsoft & Subscription Management for Infusionsoft) and have also done complex integrations like the ones for La Canada and Biz to Biz.

I’ve also developed hundreds of WordPress sites over the last 20 years, and have set up an incredibly complex hosting infrastructure on the Amazon Web Services using EC2, Route53, S3 to build a completely redundant WordPress hosting environment with failover. In the end, I abandoned it as it was costing more a month to run and maintain than was worth it, but I have run cloud as well as traditional apache and nginx servers and have a fairly high competency when it comes to server