I want to work at Tailwind!

My name is Justin. I’m a Senior Developer who likes to build things I can believe in. Ideally, these are visually stunning and user-friendly journeys.

Hi Tailwind folks,

Let me start off by saying, I’m a little ashamed that this isn’t an amazing bespoke tailwind site.  But I learned about this job just a couple of days before the deadline, and I’m slammed in current positions and wanted to hang out with my family this weekend, so I copped out and just threw something together in WordPress so at least I’d get an application in.

I’m going to put what I can together here because I don’t have an official portfolio of work any longer.  I ran my own digital agencies – Narasopa Media, 4D Media Labs, Web Mission Control,  ManagedWP, and finally Pirate & Fox since I left college in 1999.  A few years ago I shut it all down to take a full time job at the Monroe Institute.

For the first 15 years of my career I mostly worked in WordPress.  I was a marketing automation specialist helping people implement custom solutions for integrating their sites with CRMs like Infusionsoft, Ontraport, Activecampaign, etc.  About 10 years ago I decided I wanted to become a great programmer, and I started spending a lot of time and money hiring the best mentors I could find.

It is worth noting that my degree was in Music (technically, I majored in ‘How to Party Like a Rock Star’ – I went to an alternative college) and I am entirely self taught in all of the technical and marketing fields I’ve worked in.  I’m a fast learner when I want to understand something.

The stack I ended up on in my programming journey was react, react-native, nest.js, prisma, nx, tailwind.  In react I built a lot of apps in create-react-app but more recently tried several frameworks and have projects in both next.js and Remix, but strongly prefer Remix (most of the time).

I’ve designed and built out hundreds of websites in the last 25 years, most of them WordPress, and at this point most of them also obsolete or offline.  If I need to go deeper I can, but here I’m just going to cover some recent things and where my thinking is.

For the last few years I’ve been mostly heads down in the Monroe Institute.  They hired me to build an app – you can find it on the app stores – Expand: Beyond Meditation.  While I can’t claim all of the design work – they had an agency kick out a design at the very beginning – I have touched or read every line of code in that app.  I was the sole developer at first, designed the infrastructure for front and back end, built out the first working prototype, and with one other developer helping me got the app from nothing to live in six months.  We reached profitability (i.e. the app makes more monthly than all of it’s tech costs plus three full time developers) in about 1.5 years and just recently passed 250,000 downloads.

I also manage their website – monroeinstitute.org – a Shopify site (and so have touched liquid, which I regret), and all of their back-end integrations.  We are just about to go live this week with a headless shopify backend done in create-react-app and Tailwind that gives us the ability to manage a much more robust custom LMS than we can currently hack at in Shopify.

I am also professional touring musician – in fact, that is the main driver behind my tech education.  Being a touring artist, I found it very hard to hold down a location based full time job.  I also found it pretty hard to pay rent.  So, I decided I had to learn a skill that could travel with me.  This is what got me started in programming.

I play in a psychedelic livetronica duo with my wife – we are Silvermouse.  Our website is one of my favorite tailwind pieces, and something that I’ve done top to bottom and continue tweaking constantly.  I’ve also written our own ticket booking system that enables people to also add camping / meal tickets when we do festival style events.

You asked about open source,  and honestly I haven’t contributed much to the open source community – I occasionally do pull requests against projects, but often engage in conversations like this and never make it to actually doing a pull request.  I do have a project I’ve been working on for years that I will probably eventually open source – a fullstack app starter that gets you to a completely functional cross-platform web / native app and custom API / database administration tool but again – between full time work, a family, and a band, my desire to do cool things with code outside of work hours is sometimes put on an incredibly slow timetable.

Two other projects I’ve worked on in the last few years:



Fullstack web app – built on my above mentioned framework – no one has ever touched this project except me – design, branding, etc. It is like LinkedIn, but the people meet in real life, and the app is used to track business referrals and the revenue earned through them.  We have tracked over 100 million in referral revenue since the app was launched.


I only coded this one – it is a pixel perfect design implementation of a figma file the business owner provided using Tailwind in Next.js.

And, when I shut down my agencies, I spent two hours spinning up two sites to hold the place for the final services we were still offering, both of them just using out of the box tailwindui elements.  I feel like how nice they look is more a testament to tailwind than it is to me, though.


Fast and dirty tailwind site because I had one employee still managing PPC accounts and he needed a place to sell new work.

Pirate & Fox

Just a placeholder as I didn’t shut the business down, but didn’t really want people to contact me for new work.   

There is also this little page on Behance about a design / marketing project I ran for Ashley Black. This one I designed and built – and did the entire concept for the campaign – but, it isn’t Tailwind.

Finally, you asked about education – I’ve spent a lot of years teaching marketing.  I have never taught code publicly,  just to my employees and team and also for a few years for money on Codementor. 

I ran a public workshop called the Customer Experience lab for a lot of years – you probably don’t want to dive this deep, but here is an hour long video which was the ‘intro’ to the course and this is the slideshow I’m using (and I did all the design, even the hand drawings, which I think you will be very impressed with. I can also make stick figures for Tailwind if you like.).  I also spent a couple of years working with Jay Conrad Levinson’s team teaching marketing on stages in Las Vegas and Orlando to 300 some person audiences – not a single video of even one of those presentations.

One of my superpowers, however, is condensing technical knowledge into human language – that is how I ran my agency for so many years – by being the person who could talk to clients in their language, and talk to programmers in their langauge.

I’m an excellent programmer, have only worked remotely for nearly 25 years now, am easy to communicate with and get along with, am in Atlantic Standard Time (Puerto Rico) which is always GMT-4 (No daylight savings).  Despite living on an island with shaky utilities, we have both grid and solar with two Tesla Walls meaning we have secure power whether the grid is working or not, and we have both 500 MBPS cable internet as well as 100 MBPS starlink as a backup so that if the grid goes down for long enough and takes the cable provider offline, we are still powered and connected.

I apologize for not having an official website or portfolio, but I’m not looking for work or applying for jobs.  I am, however, a massive Tailwind fan, and this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. I hope we get to talk.

Justin Handley