Over time the Infusionsoft Marketplace has grown into a vibrant and full community of consultants, developers, and web apps that all integrate with Infusionsoft.  If you asked me what my favorite app in the marketplace was, I’d probably have to say…

hmmm… Good question.

And then I’d think through it for a minute.

I think I’d have to go through a list of pretty good ones first.

Like iMember360 – I use that for every membership based website that I build, and I love it.  It has more features than you can shake a stick at, and if you ever manage to use it to it’s full extent, you are too smart for your own good.  But on a basic level, in a couple of hours you can have a membership area that displays content dynamically based on all sorts of different criteria in Infusionsoft, and that is awesome.  Way to go Bob!

And then there is the recent SNAP.  Seriously – take a picture of a business card and add it to Infusionsoft.  Easy, cool.  Takes the headache out of networking at events like #ICON14.

And then there is TimeFusion, that lets me forget about scheduling and make my clients pick a time – integrates with my Google calendar so it doesn’t double book, allows for rescheduling and cancellations – awesome.  And PlusThis – it’s like all the cool features Infusionsoft forgot to build.  Absolutely loving it!

But, this is about my favorite, and so, if I had to pick one that I absolutely couldn’t live without, the pinnacle of apps available in the Infusionsoft Marketplace, it would be…


Sync for Gmail does a couple of really cool things.  One is, even if I never open gmail, it checks my email and if I get a message from anyone who already has an address in Infusionsoft, it adds the message to their record.  Boom – an instant record of email communication with a client right on their Infusionsoft contact record.  Awesome.

Then, if you do log into gmail, you get a little bar on the right hand side of the page that takes relevant info from the email you are currently looking at and, if a contact record exists, pulls it up, and if it doesn’t, you can auto create one.  So let’s say someone emails you – a brand new lead.  Right from gmail I can add them to Infusionsoft, create an opportunity, and the email they sent will be auto synched to their record.  Amazing.

Now, I use Google Apps so that my email comes from my domain – it isn’t a gmail.com address.  I recommend this for any serious business.  But you still get to take advantage of the many great things Google’s email has to offer, and you can use Infusionsoft Sync for Gmail.

Want it?  Just pop on over to the Infusionsoft Marketplace  and look it up…

Not an Infusionsoft user yet?  Contact me and I’ll get you set up in the world’s most powerful CRM for small business!