A New Way to Connect

Groupon has started a trend, and by now you are probably aware of how fast the online coupon/daily offers craze is sweeping the Internet. Facebook has decided that they now want a piece of that market.  Introducing Facebook Offers

Facebook has made it extremely easy for businesses to create new offers.

  1. Click the Offer or Event+ button in the sharing tool on your page
  2. Fill in all the information needed (and be sure to add a picture)
  3. Post the offer into your feed like you would post anything else
  4. Once posted, your fans can claim the offer from your page and either print it out or show their mobile device to an employee in your business to redeem the offer.

Creating an offer is completely free and takes very little time. We feel this has the potential to be a very powerful tool, especially since it is utilizing the absolutely massive Facebook network. Your fans or people who have ‘liked’ you will see your offer in their stream automatically, and a post will be created on their stream if they claim the offer. This will let their friends know about it, giving the offer the potential to go viral. If you’d like to take a more direct approach, you can broadcast your offer by paying for an ad on the Facebook Marketplace.

You can learn more at facebook.com/help/offers as well as by contacting Facebook’s page team for any help. If you want to learn more, here is a short video on Facebook Offers.