September 14th is my birthday (and yes, please send presents). This year I’m giving myself a present too – I’m giving myself a raise. I’ve been charging $100 / hour steadily for years now, and it simply no longer covers what my time is worth. For any of my existing clients, you know my rates are cheap. I charge by the minute, and I’d say 99% of the tasks I do these days take me less than 20 minutes.

The problem is, now a lot of people want me to handle things because I’m fast, cost effective, and extremely reliable. But when 20 people want me to do 10 minutes of work, it actually takes me much longer. Switching between the little tasks takes time, getting my head into a new client’s project takes time. I considered just not taking on any small projects at all, but I have too many folks that rely on me for the little updates and fixes, so instead, I’m putting my rates up to $150 an hour.

That makes the little stuff worth it to me, and lets me keep serving the small business community that I love so much. This is unlikely to affect project based pricing, so if you have a bigger job you need done, just ask. While my rates go up every once in a while, so does my expertise, and what took me $5,000 to build in 1990 now takes me $300 to put together.

If you are an existing client and you know that you are going to be using me over the next year, right now you can lock in my old rates. You can buy any number of hours you want for the coming year at $100 / hour. I’ll put them down as a credit on your account, and then when you send things over I’ll just deduct from your credit. Fair enough?

Click Below to Lock In My Old Rates (Simply Change Quantity to what you want)