A couple of weeks ago in a massive Google email security breach, over 5 million Google username and password combinations were posted publicly online.  Was yours one of them?

Without going into the details of why hackers do this, or how, at the root of it is poor password security practices by individuals.

I use a very good tool called Lastpass to help me create and remember highly secure passwords across devices.

It is a great tool – I don’t know what I’d do without it as I store literally hundreds of passwords that I need.

This week Lastpass released two cool things. One is a tool that lets you assess whether your gmail account was affected.

The second is this little analysis of the security of the emails that were compromised (below). Take a minute now to check your email, and if you don’t already have a good way of generating and storing truly secure passwords, check out Lastpass – it is free to almost everyone and only $12 / year for the premium version.

Stats on the Google Email Security Breach

Google Email Security Breach