One of our side projects that you may be interested in is a simple educational tool to help people understand WordPress and what it can do more fully and to post solutions to common problems that people run into in WordPress.  It is a little site we have up at

Since 99% of the sites we build are done on the WordPress platform, if you are a client this site will be a great tool for you to learn about your site and everything it can do.  And for those that haven’t worked with us before but are using WordPress to power your sites, some of these tutorials, especially the ones on making sure your site is SEO ready, are crucial.

Our latest post is a simple 60 seconds on how to back up your website from our servers, or any servers that are running cPanel, so that you can have a local copy and get the nice fuzzy feeling associated with that.  Read more at How to Back Up a WordPress Website Running on cPanel.

Enjoy, and as always if you have questions post them below – we are happy to help!