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I live in across the street from the beach in Aguada, Puerto Rico where I raise children, food, and animals; play in the band Silvermouse, and work as an independent business automation and growth consultant. I run a website builder for direct marketers at WebMissionControl and offer a complete training in setting up passive online businesses at The Freedom Model. Learn more by scrolling down. or…

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    So, let’s keep it informal here…

    I got started in online marketing in 1999.  In school I studied music, and at the time I was working at Double Edge Theatre in Ashfield, MA.  I had a day job as the Configurations Manager of the Satellite Communications Division of Millitech, LLC.  In plain language, I managed a database of screws on military satellite deployments, and if a screw broke too many times, I told the guys on the factory floor to use a new one.


    The job was easy, and in my spare time on a high speed connection I taught myself basic web design.  The theatre invited me on tour, and the rest is history.  I couldn’t keep a day job and tour with my music, and music was my passion, so I started my first company, Narasopa Media LLC.

    Over the next 10 or so years I developed my expertise in web design, programming, online marketing, product creation, and so much more.  I landed some great contracts and got to build companies hands on.  In that time I built several companies from the ground up that exceeded 1 million dollars in 12 months.  I worked for fortune 500 clients, and got to build graphics like this:


    Now, I can’t remember when it happened, but at some point I had a realization.  I was building multi-million dollar companies.  I was a sought after consultant.  I was commanding huge salaries.  And I was working all the time.  If I wanted to keep it up, I basically couldn’t put down my phone or shut off my computer.  Meanwhile, my clients had passive income systems I’d built for them.  Something was wrong.

    That led to two attempts to start new agencies based on different models.  Both were short lived.  Both were mildly successful.

    gI_65141_Current lgm_logo

    Local Guerrilla Marketing was a partnership with a killer sales person and an amazing brand name.  We exploded an agency model and went to 1.5 million in sales in 12 months.  We focused on a powerful video SEO strategy that we were using to absolutely dominate page 1 listings in Google. It was an awesome ride, and then it fell apart.  The CEO was overwhelmed and wanted out.  I on the other hand, was hooked on the profits we were doing.

    4DMLlogo-gradient-fullSo I started The 4D Media Lab on the same model, but I figured, it was mine, I had control, I could make it work.  The idea was a ‘scalable’ agency.  We were basically middle men.  I had 270 consultants and a whole team of sales people – I just stood in the middle.  The sales people brought me work, I closed it, the constants did it.  I pulled it off for a couple of years, and it went well for a while, but then I was the CEO, and I was still overwhelmed.  Every attempt I made at the agency model failed.

    And that is when it hit me.  My biggest successes over time were all in the same niche.  And that wasn’t the ‘Marketing Agency’ niche.  That was the training niche.   The first big success I had was in the knitting niche – we sold eBooks on learning how to knit, and it was phenomenal.  The biggest business I ever worked on was in the alternative health niche – we sold eBooks on healing diabetes, and it went to 5 million a year in 3 years.

    All of my most successful clients were coaches, consultants, trainers, teachers, and authors.  They sold products that could be sold over and over with no additional work.  I’d been coaching people to do this for 10 years, and here I was still selling them my most valuable asset, my time.

    So, January 1st, 2014 I shut it all down.  I wrapped up my agencies and struck out as Justin Handley, Business Automation and Growth Expert.  I’m putting my time into several things.  I still do consulting – but higher end consulting for people who are ready to hear what I have to say.  But I focus on products.

    Managed WordPress HostingOne of the main issues people have had over time was putting together an effective marketing website.  So I made that easy at WebMissioncontrol.com.  It is a managed WordPress hosting solution that allows quick and easy site setup, and a no headache environment to run business and marketing sites from.

    And I’m working on a training program called The Freedom Model to teach what I have learned about business automation and creating passive online business systems.  I have shut down training after my first group of students came through, but it should open up again in the next couple of months.


    That about sums it up.  If you have an interesting project you’d like to discuss, I’m open to listening.  If you want to learn more about any of these services, or to hire me as a speaker at one of your events, or just for fun, feel free to contact me.

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    Before we start working together, we will clearly define what you need, why you need it, and what the expected results are going to be. That way, we can actually build something that will make an impact.


    Once we know what we are building, I’ll get busy doing the design work, writing the code, and setting up your business automation. You just kick back and relax (as long as you answer my emails in a timely fashion).


    Once you’ve got a marketing campaign out there, that is just the beginning. Now we discover how people react, make intelligent decisions based on real data, and define a plan for the next stage of your business growth.

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My Expertise.

I’ve been building successful online businesses since 1999. I’ve done it all, and am a rare breed of designer, programmer, and marketing expert.

Marketing Automation

I will take the processes that waste your time and money and make a machine do them. Your time will be open to focus on growth. Your business will be transformed. This is the good stuff.


I write bunches of strings of funny characters, and lo and behold suddenly things work online. PHP and jQuery with a strong bent towards doing everything in WordPress. API integrations too…

Web Design

I’m not the most awesome graphic designer on the planet, but I can turn out a nice looking website – and more importantly – one that achieves the results you want. Design at the service of intelligent marketing.

All Things Infusionsoft

I’ll build out your campaigns, set up your account, and do whatever else you need to make your Infusionsoft account purr. I work regularly with people doing millions of dollars a year in business based out of Infusionsoft. I can get you there.

My Work.

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My Blog.

My ramblings on WordPress, Infusionsoft, and the general state of marketing.

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What People Say.

  • “When we found Justin through a recommendation from InfusionSoft we were still not sure due to our many tribulations. However from the first conversation Justin dazzled us with his knowledge and his genuine, congenial manner. He was easy to trust but more importantly he followed through with the redesign of our website and at a cost that we just couldn’t believe.”

    Janet Love, Remnant Health Center via LinkedIn
  • “Justin Handley is an internet marketing savant. His ability to apply this expertise to any client or project is remarkable. From start to finish, he is a dedicated partner and inspirational person.”

    Patrick Iverson, NIC Inc via LinkedIn
  • “Justin is a visionary with high ideals that position him as a true social change agent. His commitment and passion are remarkable. “

    Edit Raether, Performance Plus via LinkedIn
  • You’re one seriously talented dude.

    I have never met anyone who can design, program, code, develop, sell and teach this stuff .

    Dan Hyman, Earthstar18.com via Email
  • Justin is a rare business “partner” – he is extremely talented artistically but he still has the ability to communicate internally and externally and be detail oriented. He also brings a great attitude to every project. I can’t think of anything he could improve – except to clone himself !

    Deb Johnson via LinkedIn
  • Justin worked closely with our company and was extremely creative, professional and knowledgeable in helping us create our platform.

    Kit Marchel via LinkedIn

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